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Life as an Equine and Veterinary bioscience student

Posted by Bold Commerce Collaborator on

Aztec Diamond spoke to Rowan Cook, an Equine & Veterinary student at Aberystwyth University about what life is like as a student and her passion for horses that led her to the course.


Hi Rowan, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and why you decided to study Equine & Veterinary bioscience? 

I’m a first-year equine and veterinary bioscience student at Aberystwyth University. I’m 19 years old from Glasgow and got into horses around 4 years ago when I volunteered at a riding school to gain work experience. I have always loved the idea of horses but never had the opportunity to get involved until I was older. Since then I’ve been to a number of different riding schools around Glasgow and had a pony on loan for summer. Last summer I even got to work at a summer camp in Wisconsin teaching riding.


So, why did you choose to study at Aberystwyth?

Aberystwyth is the only university in the UK to offer equine specific vet bio and has a great Equine department. They have their own yard with riding horses that can be used in practicals or can be booked for lessons. Students can board their own horses there too whilst they study which is amazing.


How is the course broken down?

The equine and vet bio course is taught alongside general vet bio one however they get a choice between equine and livestock modules which we do not. In first year we have 9 modules including equine anatomy, equine exercise physiology, and more general ones like genetics and biochemistry. The equine modules are my favourite although I’m slightly biased.


What kind of things do you get to do on the course?

Being part of IBERS (Institute of biological environmental and rural sciences) allows us to go on lots of trips to see different aspects of the vet industry. Today we went on a tour around the Wales veterinary Centre where we got to see all of their lab equipment and got a talk on different procedures carried out in the clinic. The centre is in Aberystwyth and one of the vets at the centre gives us a series of lectures in the disease, diagnosis and control module. The university also allows us to go to the university farm to learn about sheep handling and to the equine yard for equine handling as part of our module. 


How does your time table work?

The timetable for an equine and vet bio student usually has two morning lectures starting at 9 or 10 am. Each lecture is 50 minutes long. The afternoon is when we have labs, practicals or visits. We usually have two of these a week. It can be pretty full on having all this plus having to complete essays and lab reports but it’s definitely worth it.

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