AD Thank You...November 2020

“AD Thank You” is our way to give back to our customers who have stood out to us for their support or positive impact. When someone writes a positive review, posts and tags pictures in AD, tells friends about us or supports us in any way there’s always a chance of reward.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

In case you missed it...each month our staff will select 10 customers that have supported us or made a positive impact within the AD offices, these customers will receive a special thank you - this could be favourite products, vouchers or unique discount codes. 5 of these will be pictures we’ve loved that we’ll re-post to our instagram feed & stories and a further 5 is solely down to customers we feel have shown their support for us as a brand and deserve recognition. 




White Base Layer

Young Riders White  T-Shirt









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